Can’t Man City take Messi for ‘Guardiola’?

What information did Spanish football expert Graham Hunter have?

Most of the famous clubs in Europe have long been in close contact with Spanish football expert Graham Hunter. Almost everything that happens in a club is at his fingertips. This time he gave shocking information. Under Guardiola, Lionel Messi has set one record after another, now that coach is not looking for Messi in Manchester City. That is what Hunter has claimed.

What he said on Sunday to Premier League Global Audio Partner TalkSport Radio

“If Guardiola leaves next year, Man City will want to add Messi to the team as soon as possible,” he told TalkSport Radio, the Premier Audio’s global audio partner.
Recently, various international media have reported that Messi, 33, wants to leave Barsa in 2021. Since then, various clubs have been trying to contact him.

That club wants Messi

“The club that currently wants Messi is Man City,” said Hunter. “I think Guardiola is a bit hesitant about Messi. Whether Messi will be able to adapt to his system at this age is his concern. ‘

‘If Guardiola leaves, the current owners of City will want to bring in Messi quickly. if you one to visit the homepage please let’s read more

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