Column: 2 exhibition games Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs

The last days of the Cactus League are suddenly known. Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs.

Players are usually tired of playing meaningless exhibition games after six weeks in Arizona and are eager to get the season.

General managers basically know who will create their 25-member rosters and are simply checking the list of injured to make things official. The directors have announced the start of their opening day and the opening lineup has already been completed in their heads. But this spring the Cactus League was certainly not like anyone else because of the outbreak of COVID-19 that shut down the sports world.

Play a baseball game in Chicago Cubes today

Play a baseball game in Chicago Cubes today. They will do it for the first time since March 11th and it will be an exhibition game at 7 pm City against the White Sox at Wrigley Field. You’ll be able to watch it on the Marquee Sports Network (Cube Broadcast), NBC Sports Chicago (White Sox Broadcast), or ESPN (National Broadcast, Local Blackout). The ball will be picked up by Kyle Hendrix at the start of Cubes’ opening day.
What will the future of the Gatorade bath look like in the 2020 season der I think you can still do it, right?


Marquez is so obvious that we don’t need to discuss it. Most believe that Thompson is the big leaguer of the future but missed most of last year due to injury and then it is hard to say whether he is in real risk of being selected as there is no small league season this year. Depends on how you look. Abbott has been a Cubes pitcher for a year, although without leaving AA, there is at least some chance he won’t be elected (then again some teams will look at his slider and think he can be faster) convert bullpen for a year So that they keep him?). I think he’s added. Speaking of Morrell, he hasn’t played in the high-A yet, so any team to take him has to do it as a stash in Xtreme, which is very difficult to do with players in the position. Even though there were boys like Delino Desilds, Jr. and Odubel Herrera, they played in AA before they were elected. Morel continued to play in the low-A and then had a non-season. I don’t think he’s a realistic threat to be elected, which is not a comment about his position as expected. He needs a lot more time to develop.

Also, Rule 5 has a broad concept for this offseason:

In a world where teams spend dramatically, it stands as the reason that you will see some more aggression in Rule 5 drafting (and more aggressive potential protection before then). I’ve seen teams become so aggressive, especially in the case of fringe starters, that they want to instantly convert to their big league bullpen (or at least get almost free shots to see how it goes).

Yesterday if you missed it yesterday, David Ross said that Nico Hoyer and Jason Kipnis (no mention of David Boat) were the two main options in his second base. Funny.let’s go read more.

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