Irfan Is Currently Focusing On The T20 Cup

Irfan Sukkur was the best batsman of the tournament with 214 runs in five matches in the President’s Cup. Despite aiming to play in the national team, Irfan is currently focusing on the T20 tournament.

He will play for Fortune Barisal in Bangabandhu T20 Cup. Irfan said that after hard work and hard work, the rest of the decision is in the hands of the team management and selectors.

‘The goal of all cricketers is to play in the national team for a long time. My plan is to focus on the T20 Cup. Step by step. I have hard work and performance. If the opportunity arises, I leave it to the team management and selectors, ”the left-arm batsman said in a video message on Friday.

This wicketkeeper-batsman thinks that everyone in the Fortune Barisal team is in rhythm. The goal will be to become the champion in the final.

‘The team has been balanced. A team of seniors and juniors. I say balanced team because if you look at the team, everyone is made up of regular performers and those who are performing in the President’s Cup. Our goal is to play the final and become the champion ‘, said Irfan.

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