japan put the robot in the gallery without visitors!

Robots on Japanese stadium, so in any case, there must be a touch of technology.

Since the country is Japan, there will be a touch of technology in any case.
This time the incident was seen in the stadium. The coronavirus caused a four-month shutdown of sports around the world. This time the journey to the field has started little by little. Other sports like cricket and football have also started. Baseball competitions have started in Japan. But who will encourage the players? Robots on Japanese stadium.

Spectators are barred from entering the stadium because of the corona

Due to this corona, spectators are not allowed to enter the stadium. The game is going on but there will be no spectators, how is that? The fun of the game is not there. Without it, players do not get encouragement. This time Japan has found a high-tech solution to this problem. The people in the stadium have put robots instead of spectators! Those robots can also dance to the music. Can celebrate by shaking hands like people, can encourage players.

Recently, the video of those robot viewers has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place at Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan. Recently, the video of those robot viewers has gone viral on social media. As it turns out, the robots are standing in two rows in the gallery. The back row looks like a human and the front row has a dog-shaped robot dancing to the beat of the song. The participating team Fukuoka Hawks brought these 20 robot supporters. Whether they support the robots or not, they defeated the Rakuten Eagles 4-3!. if you one to more news.

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