Juventus collapsed in response to Milan

When Maurizio Sarri said, “It’s just a blackout

“It’s just a blackout,” said Maurizio Sarri. The incredible response from AC Milan seemed unbelievable to the Juventus manager! Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s AC Milan stunned Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus 4-2 on Wednesday after trailing by two goals in Italy’s Serie A. They scored three goals in just five minutes in the second half.

Ne was going to take three points with a smile

The mood that Juventus played in for a while on Wednesday, seemed to take three points with a smile. Adrian Rabiot scored the first goal in the 2nd minute of the second half. And using the easiest opportunity of the day, Ronaldo scored his 26th goal of the season to give the team a 2-0 lead in five minutes.

Who would have thought that the final drama in this match is waiting!

The retaliation started in 62 minutes. Ibrar with a goal from the penalty spot. Four minutes later, Frank Casey of Milan made it 2-2. And AC Milan went ahead within 1 minute of Casey’s goal. This time Goljata Rafael Liao. Ante Rebic scored the fourth goal in the 80th minute, pouring water in the hope of Juventus’ return.

If AC Milan had beaten them, Juventus, which had won the title nine times in a row, would have been completely out of reach. Sorry, however, is reluctant to give up the night’s sleep. After that, it all ended in a blackout. Whose explanation does not match in common sense? But now it does not mean to sit and think about it. Must land against Atlanta in three days. I want to think about that match now, “said Ronaldo’s manager.
Juventus now has 75 points

Juventus now has 75 points. Will have to play seven more matches. There, AC Milan has been disappointed this time. Ibrahim, who is at number five, has only 49 points. It has been said for so long that Milan manager Stefano Pioli is going to get a job! But he lost to Juventus, leaving the authorities in a quandary. After the match, Ibrahimovic jokingly claimed that he is the coach of the club!if you one to visit the homepage please let’s go now

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