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Live: the Indian Ocean Island game2020

About the Indian Ocean Island game.

Indian Ocean Island Games IOIG is a multi-sport competition for competitors from the Indian Ocean Islands game. The International Olympic Committee won the IOC 19 competition6. Indian Ocean Island game

It was originally named “Indian Ocean Games” but has been renaming 1979 before the first edition of the “Indian Ocean Island Games”. To build the skills of the competitors of the partner islands and to create a spirit of solidarity among all the islands through local cooperation.

History of the Indian ocean game.

The participating islands are Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunion, and Maldives – all islands in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka, despite being a significant island in the Indian Ocean, has never participated in this competition. . The host country is touring Rouen, Mauritius, Madagascar, and the Seychelles Islands at regular intervals. There are no less than five games in each of the two programs, including swimming and athletics. let’s go now.

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