Messi’s disappointing draw on Napoli’s field

Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli in the last six matches of the UEFA Champions League. Napoli went ahead in the first half on Tuesday at home. In the second half of the game, Griezmann returned to parity with goals.
The referee showed one yellow card after another in the match. Bursa Messi, Busquets, Griezmann as well as referee yellow card showed Mario Rui of Napoli and Insane. At the last moment of the match, Vidal left the field after seeing a red card.
Martens scored a goal for Napoli in the 1 minute of the match. Dug into the box and found a fake bullet shot. The Belgian forward touched Marek Hamsik (120) at the top of the list for the highest goal for Napoli.
In the 8th minute of the match, Griezmann returned to parity with Barcelona. A great pass from the Busquets extended Nelson Semedo. Semedo’s extended ball grizzled the net with perfect aim.
Meanwhile, Bayern defeated Chelsea 4-1 in Chelsea-Bayern in the last six games of the Champions League.


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