Neymar is suing Barsa for money again!

Catalan club Barcelona made several attempts to pull Neymar from the PSG in the squad last summer. Neymar himself wanted to return to the old squad. He still wants that. But the greed of money is hindering the return of Barcelona. The 26-year-old is set to take Barcelona to court again for money. He claims that Bar বারa has withheld over 65 million euros in debt!

Neymar made the first case, demanding money shortly after leaving Bar্সa on August 27 at PSG. At that time, it was claimed that Barcelona had not paid him a bonus of 2 million 86 euros under his contract. Then last December, on the second complaint, Neymar claimed that Neymar owes Tk 5 million as a salary to Bar্সa. This is the third complaint. This time he claims 5 million euros to Bar্সa!

In all, Neymar has allegedly owed 5 crore 86 million euros to Bar্সa over three counts. Many say, Neymar and his money
Extremely greedy father is destroying the career of a Brazilian superstar.

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