Former Italian midfielder Pietro Pujen now spends his days on the road

How many things do not happen in human life? Someone spends the day in the palace. So someone again unfortunately from a prosperous life suddenly became a resident of the sidewalk. Pietro Pujen now the position has to sleep by the side of the road. In the food-thought alliance. This may be the rule of law. Such is the life of Maradona’s teammate Pietro Pujan.

The news from Dello Sport in Italy is really upsetting. Pujan’s current life story has been revealed from a WhatsApp group of former footballers. World football legend Diego Maradona went on to play club football in Italy in the late eighties. He signed in Napoli. Napoli also won the title of best under

Maradona in ‘8. Former Italian midfielder Pietro Pujan was in that team. Now his daily routine. Pujan is seen on the streets of Acera, 14 kilometers northeast of Napoli. You have to eat more food than people think. According to Italian sports daily, it is his own fault. At one point he became very addicted to drugs. That’s what ended him. There was nothing like his career. Alcoholism also destroys personal life. So the one-time star footballer is in this situation today. He could not give up drugs even after losing everything. However, Achara City Corporation came forward after learning about Pujan’s condition.

“I spoke to him in May,” the city’s mayor told Dello Sport. Emergency services have also been provided for Covid-19 disease. I have worked with Pujan for drug release before. But to no avail. Now I am looking at his former friends. If through their efforts Pujan can give up intoxication and get a new life. That is the only hope. ” if you one to visit the homepage plese let’s go now

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