Robben broke his retirement and returned to the field

Robben returned to the field. Arien Robben, a 36-year-old Dutch footballer, is returning to the field after retiring. At the club where he started his career, he is returning to his hometown, Granny.

He recently uploaded a picture of himself standing in the stadium wearing the club’s jersey on Twitter.

Robben made his senior debut for g Iranian in 2000. He joined PSV after 2 years. He then joined Chelsea and Real Madrid and joined Bayern Munich. From there he retired in 2019.

“After 18 years, I am back in Iranian,” Robben said in a statement. I have been supporting this club even in adverse times and I am wondering how to help the club. I also listened to the requests of the fans and heard the call of my heart. Hope to see you soon.

Robben, however, hinted at retiring at the end of last April.

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