Ronaldo saved Juventus at the last minute

Ronaldo miraculously saved Juventus at the last minute

Juventus fell twice against great Atalanta. Cristiano Ronaldo returned the team with a goal twice. Ronaldo’s two goals from the penalty spot were avoided by the old men of Turin.

Atalanta had nothing to do with Juventus’ two penalties. However, Ronaldo did not make any mistakes. He has scored 26 goals in 28 matches in Serie A with two perfect penalties, 11 of which came from spot-kicks. And after the third consecutive defeat of Lazio, Juventus is one step ahead on the way to the ninth consecutive title. With six matches left in Serie A, Juventus are six points ahead of two-time Lazio. And Atalanta has 3 points in three.

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The way Juventus crushed the opposition from the start on Saturday

Juventus crushed the opponent from the beginning on Saturday. However, the team quickly lost its grip. He took the opportunity to Atalanta. The guests went ahead in the sixteenth minute. Alejandro Gomez increased the ball to Duvan Sapata, avoiding Mattis de Likht in a great turn. The Colombian forward found the net from 12 yards by sliding avoiding Rodrigo Bentancur. In the next minute, however, Paolo DiBalla had a chance to equalize. The Argentine star forward missed the opportunity with a weak shot along with the goalkeeper.

After the break, Juventus equalized at the beginning.

Juventus equalized at the start after the break. The hosts were awarded a penalty if Dibala’s cross was in the hands of Marten Day Ron. Ronaldo scored his 27th goal in the 55th minute with a successful spot-kick. Meanwhile, the star got a chance to see the net again in the 8th minute. But this time he could not use the ball from a dangerous place.



However, the match took a dramatic turn towards the end of the second half, which is unbelievable.

Juventus-Atalanta match on Saturday looked like a 1-1 draw. But the match took a dramatic turn towards the end of the second half. In the 81st minute, Ukraine midfielder Malinovsky found the net with a bullet speed shot from Luis Muriel. However, shortly after that Juventus got a penalty for forgetting Muriel. Julia did not miss this opportunity. Ronaldo equalized the team with a spot-kick. This is his eleventh goal from the penalty spot. The Turin club left the field in relief with a 2-2.  if you want to go-ahead.

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