The ice melted to apologize, the badminton star nominated for the Khel Ratna award

The ice melted to apologize, the badminton star nominated for the Khel Ratna award. Kidambi Srikanth went to the National Badminton Association (BAI) to seek an unconditional apology. Not only did Kidambi soften the tone towards Srikanth, the organization even nominated him for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.
Srikanth behaved erratically at the Asian Championships last year. The Indian shuttler did not listen to him even though the company forbade him to leave the team. Former world number one Srikanth came out of the championship held in Manila. Another shuttler HS Romance left the team with him. As a result, the hopes of building the country’s history were dashed. India lost to Indonesia in the semifinals. And that’s why BAI had no way of nominating them for this special honor. However, Srikanth’s unconditional apology solves the problem. Srikanth has admitted his mistake

Bai’s secretary Ajay Singhania said, “Kidambi Srikanth has admitted his mistake by e-mail. He also apologized. He also promised not to do such behavior in the future. We decided to nominate him keeping in mind his talent and success. ” Love can also break the shackles of destiny. Because Bai has asked him to be held accountable for his behavior within the next 15 days. Nana Kuruchikar has made comments against the federation on social media and in the media. The federation is angry with him for breaking the discipline. Singhania’s clear words, if she does not respond to the show-cause notice, strict action will be taken against her.if you one to visit the homepage plese let’s go now


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