Surprise Golet Trafford Ronaldo to know more Ronaldo

Surprise Golet Trafford Ronaldo to know more Ronaldo. The black-crowned Ronaldo-Paolo magazine compiler came one step further after the Serie A champions; They are at the top of the league table with 29 matches and 72 points. Second position Laznier points 29 matches 68. One matchless third position Inter Inter Milan points 61. The first incarnation was enslaved on the clock on Tuesday night, but his report came under pressure in the 50th minute when the goal-scoring long-distance shot 2-0 C C Arven. Doblas Costa 3-0 at Juventus in the 3rd minute. In the third minute, Genoa lost 1-3 to Strada Pinam Shanti Golla but did not save a short time.

The Ronaldo-magazine youngster appeared after the death of the final Juventus manager Maurizio Sari’s mother, “There are places of observation among the people Surprise Golet Trafford Ronaldo. I will describe the value that will be given to each other. ” if you one to visit the homepage plese let’s go now

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