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Why did Novak Djokovic finally open his mouth about the competition

Novak Djokovic finally opened his mouth about the controversial tennis tournament he organized. And, in retaliation, he said, there was a deliberate attempt to make him a villain. He also said that it is not yet clear whether he will play in the US Open from August 31 to September 13. “The criticism that has been leveled at me is extremely nasty,” Novak told a Serbian newspaper. I have been attacked in a very purposeful way. The intention was to drag a big name down. It’s a decent thing to do, and it should end there.

What is the reason for the heated debate over Djokovic’s ‘Adria Tour Tennis’ tournament in Serbia and Croatia?

Djokovic’s Adria Tour tennis tournament in Serbia and Croatia has been hotly debated, with multiple athletes and fitness experts taking coronavirus. Djokovic’s wife was also attacked. Many keep the world’s number one tennis player on the fence for it. As can be seen in multiple videos and photos, during the competition, players are embracing the corona-rule in disregard, not following physical distance rules. They even have a night party.

But Djokovic wants to remind everyone, “My intentions were not bad. The game was stopped due to overdose.“We wanted to arrange to stand by the troubled players, the tennis companies,” he said. “We tried to follow all the rules.” But I have learned a great lesson. Some things could have been done differently. ”

However, in the first round of the competition on 13 and 14 June in Belgrade, Serbia, the rules of the corona were not obeyed at all.

However, in the first round of the competition on June 13 and 14 in Belgrade, Serbia, the rules of the corona were not obeyed at all. Around 4,000 spectators from around the world turned out to watch the match in Belgrade, where international matches are being played without spectators. Zadar in Croatia also had almost the same number of visitors. The Croatian government has announced that visitors will have to abide by the two-meter distance rule. But the final between Djokovic and Russia’s Andrei Rublev had to be canceled after Gregor Dimitrov’s corona was caught. The next two episodes had to be canceled in Montenegro and Bosnia, and there was a storm of controversy in the sports world over Djokovic and the competition he blew to find out more.

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