WWE Raw Live Updates, match preview and Results

WWE Raw Live Updates:

The Asuka and Sasha Banks the WWE Raw Women’s Championship controversy, Drew McIntyre gets to pick the stipulation rematch with Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton will name his next target and much more.

WWE raw Champion Drew McIntyre agreed to face Dolph Ziggler in a non-title rematch, but this time, he gets to choose the stipulation.

WWE raw Showoff thought he had the upper hand on McIntyre at The Horror Show at WWE raw Extreme Rules when he chose to challenge for the WWE Raw Live Updates Title in the match where Extreme Rules applied only to Ziggler. The Despite Ziggler’s clear advantage, McIntyre overcame the odds and retained his title. McIntyre When attempted to turn his attention toward SummerSlam and finding a worthy opponent, Ziggler crashed the scene and demanded another match.

The McIntyre initially refused, but when Ziggler offered him the chance to pick the stipulation, the WWE Raw Champion accepted. The McIntyre declared that he’s going to make Ziggler sweat, much in the same way The Showoff did ahead of The Horror Show at WWE Raw Extreme Rules. When What stipulation will McIntyre choose?

In this WWE Raw match, the title can change hands by pinfall, submission, count-out, disqualification, or if anybody interferes. McMahon made that distinct stipulation coming out of The Horror Show at WWE Raw Extreme Rules, The where controversy abounded.

Live this match:

WWE Raw Live Updates


The Sasha pinned reigning champion WWE Asuka, but Bayley was the one to make the three-count. She did so after donning the referee’s shirt when the official was on the receiving end of Asuka’s green mist. In After the three-count, The Boss grabbed the title and left the building. That is how will this stipulation affect the outcome of the match? Who will leave as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion?

Who will The Viper look to strike next?

So We’ll find out at the start of Raw this Monday night when Randy Orton kicks off the show by announcing his next target.

The First toppled Edge in The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever at WWE Raw Backlash, then mercilessly took out Christian in an Unsanctioned Match the next night.

The not even The World’s Largest Athlete could stymie the dastardly Orton, when as Big Show also fell victim to an RKO and a punt in a brutal Unsanctioned Match last week

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